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Please help us celebrate Earth Day everyday. We are constantly looking for ways and
new items to help our customers live "green".
Here is a short list of products we carry that can help you to live green:

Organic garden supplies
Compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs
Less toxic cleansers
Low VOC paint
Solar lighting
Solar attic fans
Tankless water heaters
Rain barrels
Programmable thermostats
Reusable shopping bags

We will also recycle the following items for you:

Batteries (except car batteries)
Fluorescent light bulbs*
Cell phones

*We are unable to accept fluorescent bulbs from businesses. Businesses are required to
dispose of their own toxic waste. Please contact your local waste management company
to find out how to recycle your fluorescent bulbs.

There is so much more in our store. Products that we feel help us to live green are
sporting a green "tree" sign. Please don't hesitate to let us know if there are more green
products we should be stocking on our shelves or something you'd like us to carry.
We'd love to hear from you!

Los Gatos Green Choices